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Online Marketing Consultant
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Who Are We?

Success Products is an Online Marketing Consulting Company located in Margate Florida who specializes in SEO (Search Engine Marketing), Email Marketing, Website Design,  Brand Recognitions and Website Development in PHP.

It’s no longer just built a website, and they will come but what to do to get customers to come, retain customers when they come and continue to sell the customers who have come.  If you don’t have a marketing plan in place you will leave lots of money on the table. PERIOD.

What is Online Marketing and Why Is It So Important For Your Business?

The first thing you have to understand is that the world has changed. To market your business effectively you no longer need to go out and chase leads and prospects. In fact, doing so might actually cause more harm than good.

That’s because your potential customers have become used to being pulled towards an offer rather than pushed towards one.

The average small to medium size business is called on by up to 34 sales reps a month.  Of those, an average of 9 secure appointments. As you know, appointments do not guarantee sales but sending your sales reps to meet with qualified prospects will mean a far higher closing rate.

Generating those leads through an inbound, magnetic marketing campaign means that your prospects are primed, ready and willing to buy.  They are highly qualified and eager to hear what you or your sales team have to say.

The same holds true for any business where prospects who are drawn to it like moths to a flame because they resonate with the multiple messages that business sends out in a well-orchestrated, synergistic manner.

Rather than blasting out marketing messages no-one wants to hear, you can find out exactly what your ideal customer wants and serve it up to them far more easily and cheaply than ever before


Simple: through the power of the Internet.

But it’s not just the Internet that has changed forever the way businesses market themselves. Online marketing, too, has changed radically in just the past few years.

No longer is it enough just to have a simple one-page website. In fact, did you know that of the 50% of businesses that actually have a website only 50% of those have one that is effective?

If you don’t have an effective, optimized website in today’s marketplace then you are simply not competing.  That website not only has to be correctly optimized for search engines (SEO) but it must also contain and disseminate the right kind of powerful content and perform on any number of platforms.

Done correctly, your website is the lodestone of your online marketing campaign. Done badly, it will actually repel leads, prospects and customers rather than attract them.

You see, your website is your shop window and these days it is vital that it also has that human touch. Jaded by an unregulated online marketplace, and having fallen victim to too many scams, people now want to buy from other people that they feel they know and trust.

Google Local and mobile optimization are both essential parts of online marketing because they help people not only to find you but to glean essential information about you and even to buy from you.

It takes skill and experience to be able to turn visitors into customers and to put the right product range, offer or palette of services into place.

There is nothing more magnetic to a customer and the strong, human face of a business that provides a personality with which they can identify and engage.

For a perfect example of this personality driven marketing, think Richard Branson. Branson might have very little to do with his actual companies on a day-to-day basis but his personality and character infuses and embellishes each and every one of them.

He gains column inches and endless television hours with publicity stunts and more serious talks and activities alike.

When people buy Virgin, they buy Branson. Your business needs a similar instant identification and recognition on a human level if it is to stand out in today’s overcrowded marketplace.

So why is this human touch so important? Apart from the trust factor, it’s all to do with engagement.  You need to engage with your customer online on every level. Their first interaction with you might be through social media, your website or through press releases or monthly newsletters via Email Marketing.

These days it’s all about YOU.

Call Us Now To Find Out How We Can Help You Set Up An Online Marketing Campaign Today!   

Kim Nguyen – 954-707-1295

I would highly recommend Kim to help you with your website.  She is creative and enthusiastic and you feel like you have a "team" when she is working with you. She is very dedicated to to her projects and is very knowledgeable in many areas of website exposure, raking, and being seen on the web as well as website design and development.  I would recommend Kim to anyone who is looking to build an on-line presence and professional website." - Amy Pulver, Minister of Love

My name is Clarence Reed owner of sea reed charters and my SEO expert is Kim Nguyen. I can not say enough good things about Kim and the great job she has done for my company. I have used many different SEO companies before and had nothing but bad experiences. Kim has been very professional and always there when I have a question or need assistance. She strives for excellence and I am finally where I want to be with my site. She is extremely intelligent and efficient in all aspects of the business and that makes it easy for me. If you want to be successful with your website, whether its development or Seo, you found the right person and company with Kim.


Clarence Reed